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One of the best things about completing any endurance challenge is doing it with mates.

By forming a team, you will not only have plenty of people to share the experience with afterwards, but also people to help you through it.

Grab a mate or form a whole team of explorers – see how below.


How to set up a team

When you enter our registration pages, you will see that the process to either set-up or join a team is easy peasy.

The Team Captain needs to select ‘Team Entry’ when registering, then click the ‘Create a Team’ option at the top of the entry form.

Other team members can join the team at any time by selecting the ‘Join a Team’ option on the entry form. Team members must enter the exact Team Name and Team Password (if a team password was used). This will ensure you all start in the same wave.

You can choose to set up the team and pay for all your team members upfront, or set up the team, pay for yourself, and then invite the rest of your team to come and complete their own sign up.