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The SnowStormer Story

We believe that life is better when you channel your inner explorer and push life’s boundaries.

As massive snow sport fans, we also know nothing beats the adrenaline of being at the edge of a slope, or the sense of achievement from cold weather exercise. That’s why we’ve created the UK’s most exhilarating obstacle running challenge in the country’s premier snow domes – allowing people to compete in a truly unique running event and get their snow fix all year round (without having to travel to the Alps!).

As well as lots of fun, the sub-zero temperatures and steep inclines will provide the coldest, steepest and most breath-taking running challenge around, which science tells us will ensure you’re exercising at a higher intensity, burning more calories with less effort (we call that a win, win!).

Of course, no mountain event would be complete without the essential après ski party, so expect a unique mix of themed street food, cocktails and DJs in our Finishers’ Village.

Find an event near you and be one of the first to rise to this epic new adventure.