Obstacles - Snowstormer
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The Course

If navigating the slopes, snow and freezing temperatures wasn’t enough, we’ve teamed up with some of the best obstacle designers in the business to bring you a course that is as unique as it is demanding.

The course itself starts inside the snow domes where you will take on a large number of themed signature challenges including; hang-time, ice-walls, cryo tunnels, snow-park and downhill slides. If you manage to conquer this section of the run, you will complete the course outside by taking on the SnowStormer signature giant inflatables, Yeti-Run, and ‘Big Air’ bag jumps.

As with any mountain event, the Finishers’ Village will make it feel all worth it with themed street food, cocktails and DJs.

Check out the obstacles below to give you a flavour of an event like no other.

Some of our Obstacles

Big Air Bag Jump

Big Air Bag Jump Test your nerve on the big air bag jump from a 4m platform

Get High

Get High You'll need to get high to conquer these rails or grab a friend to give you a hand

Yeti Run

Yeti Run Beware of the Yeti. They have some very specific skills who make him a nightmare for people like you. He will find you, he will chase you.

Ice Ice Baby wall’s

Ice Ice Baby wall’s Can you conquer the walls? Situated mid-slope, you'll have the height and frost to navigate

Sledger’s Hill

Sledger’s Hill Down hill sledging will give you a brief respite, Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme

Cross Country Net Climbs

Cross Country Net Climbs Feel the burn as you attempt to scramble up, over and under to achieve your winter commando badge

Blizzard Run

Blizzard Run A signature obstacle, with snow in your face, can you make it through the blizzard run

Escape the bungee

Escape the bungee A bungee tangle obstacle that will keep you all wrapped up

Snow Bag Carry

Snow Bag Carry Ever wondered what it';s like carrying a burgen on winter military drill..?

Snow Park

Snow Park Snow bombing with style - take on running up some serious kickers and snow based challenges

Freestyle inflatables

Freestyle inflatables Take on some of the UK's largest inflatable obstacles - this stage of the course is all about the fun

Cryo Tunnels

Cryo Tunnels Sub-zero tunneling - don't get stuck beneath the ice

Wall to Wall

Wall to Wall Don’t catch an edge as you attempt to scale and traverse these wall climbs

Hang tough monkey bars

Hang tough monkey bars Will your grip hold in the icy conditions

Winter Warm Up

Winter Warm Up Our warm up's will be a test in themselves, you wont be cold by the time you hit the slopes

The Apres

The Apres Ok this isn't an obstacle, but an amazing part of the event - street food, drinks, fun and DJ's

What else is included?

Free SnowStormer Headband

Free SnowStormer goodie bag

SnowStormer finishers medal

Free drink post event

Apres ski party