FAQs - Snowstormer


Making sure you have the most memorable event is really important to us and we want you to arrive on the day feeling relaxed and focused on the challenge ahead.

The Event

SnowStormer is the UK’s only snow-based obstacle course event and the snow and freezing environment offers a completely unique and different type of endurance challenge. It is also the coolest event on the calendar with real mountain vibes and a *real* yeti, who will chase you!!

The course starts in the snow dome and most participants will complete this section of the course within 45 minutes –  facing the sub-zero temperatures, the 15 degree gradient and variety of unique obstacles.

Once the inside part of the course is complete, participants move seamlessly to the outside section of the course facing further snow-themed obstacles including the Big Air Bag challenge.

Overall, this will likely be the hardest 5k challenge you will have ever faced, but you will be rewarded with our finishers party and hopefully some lovely sunshine to round off your mountain experience.

Cold, literally freezing (typically -4 degrees). That is why you need to have your arms, legs and hands covered at all times. But, after your pre-race warm up, you will be more than ready to go.

SnowStormer has been founded on the principals of arctic training and the additional challenge that exercising in sub-zero temperatures brings to competitors.

Research shows that running in the cold makes the body work at a higher intensity and burn more calories along the way, and that’s before you’ve factored in the inclines!

And of course, being able to access the snow, slopes and apres ski vibes all year round provides a truly unique experience.

If you are the type of person who likes a challenge, something new and exciting, and something that will be physically demanding, then SnowStormer is probably for you. We’ve had a huge amount of interest from people looking for their next obstacle event beyond the traditional mud runs they’ve previously done.

Equally, we’ve had a huge amount of interest from snow sports enthusiasts (as well as those who’ve never experienced the slopes before), where the prospect of getting a snow fix in addition to undertaking a challenging running event was very appealing. If any of this sounds like you, then have a look for where your nearest event will be.

SnowStormer has been hugely anticipated and demand is expected to be extremely high. Unlike other running or obstacle events, half of the SnowStormer course is inside the snow domes, meaning there is natural cap on available places.

In order to confirm your place, we recommend signing up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Find your nearest Snow Dome location on our list of events and click on the Enter Now button. This will take you through to our event partner, Race Space, where you can register in a few easy clicks. This is the only way to enter.

We don’t time our events as undertaking them is challenge enough, however you are free to time yourself.

Photos for the event will be posted on our website, social media channels and Race Space. An email will be sent out notifying you when they can be viewed.

Getting Prepared

SnowStormer is an extreme event. It will require a decent level of fitness, especially as you navigate your way up and down the slopes in freezing cold temperatures. The distance is roughly 5K but due to the terrain it will feel much more like a 10K distance and therefore this should be the minimum requirement for attempting this event. Speak to a personal trainer or online experts for specific training plans.

The events are being run in the summer months, however you will definitely experience freezing temperatures indoors. Your legs, arms and hands must be covered at all times whilst in the snow dome, therefore you will need clothes that offer you the correct protection and flexibility. Base layers & tee-shirts, compression leggings & shorts, and sports trainers with a strong grip (or adventure trainers) are all likely to provide the right compromise for this event.

Other than a ‘Train Hard, Fight Easy’ attitude, you may want to bring a change of clothes and sunglasses to enjoy the après ski vibes after the event. Your registration details, personal identification and some money will also be vital.

There will be a cloakroom where you can store your belongings whilst you take part in the event. You must pre-register for your cloakroom ticket when you sign up for the event.


Race Space Online have full details on how to register and their search option is really useful if you need a question answering. For anything specific you can click on the red circle in the bottom corner, they will usually reply within a couple of hours.

Yes they are. We use a third party booking platform called Race Space who ensure your details are collected and stored in a secure manner

Yes you can, and we would always support and encourage anyone who does so. We actually support a couple of smaller charities ourselves, so look out for ways to contribute to their amazing work.


Dedicated parking will be available at all of the venues and we will send out information about each of the locations on email closer to the time of your event. Of course, we would always encourage using public transport where possible, so you can help the environment and take full advantage of the finishers party in base camp.

At any stage prior to the event, you can contact us and we will resend your details. All the details you need to register on the day will be in the email we send you at the point you registered and when we informed you of your wave.

When booking, you can choose your preferred starting wave time(s) and you will be emailed two weeks before the event with your time confirmed. If you have signed up as a team, you will all receive the same wave number. It is really important you stick to your arrival and start times as this will assist with the smooth running of the event.

To enter SnowStormer you must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the event you sign up for. There is no upper age limit, but everyone has to be fit and healthy to undertake the course. The distance is roughly 5K but due to the terrain it will feel much more like a 10K distance and therefore this should be the minimum requirement for attempting this event, especially as you navigate your way up and down the slopes in freezing cold temperatures. All participants will also need to agree to the declarations outlined in the participation waiver.


With Snow, steep gradients and freezing temperatures – there is no need for water. If its not raining, then you’ll have to make do with snow and sun – the perfect combination.

We want the event to be enjoyed by everyone, so if you are struggling with an obstacle, see if a fellow Stormer, or one of your team can help you before deciding to miss it. We have designed the obstacles to be very accessible and enjoyable, as the environment will be the ultimate challenge.

We don’t want to set time limits, but there is an expectation that the majority entering the event will be able to complete the course in around an hour or so. Our race marshals will be watching all runners carefully to determine if it is OK for them to continue.

Yes – and you’re invited to come and experience our Finishers’ Village for some chilled out snow sport vibes.

We’ll be adding further dates and venues to our schedule so follow us to keep updated or see our events page to check out our first events and be one of the first to complete the SnowStormer course.